Saturday, January 16, 2016

Disney (Part 2 of 3)

Day 3 at Disney we went to Hollywood Studios and it also happened to be Brigid's 3rd Birthday! After a trip on Star Tours we went to meet Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins before watching their Disney Junior show.
 Unusual for central and southern Florida, it rained all morning and into the afternoon. We had lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby, which was the best meal I ate the whole time we were there. The salad was wonderful and the beef wellington amazing. Topped off with vanilla creme brûlée and it couldn't have been better. I had specially ordered a cake for Brigid for her birthday so we all sang to her and she got two presents... an adorable panda vest with panda purse and baby panda from my parents and cute little brown bear from her uncles, aunt and uncle's friend.
 We spent a little time on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground but it was still pretty soaked from all the rain and closed early due to the increasing darkness of the evening.
 And, of course, we saw Fantasmic.
Day 4 had us back at the Magic Kingdom, and we finally got to ride the new SSeven Dwarves Mine Train.
 It was cute and fun but honestly it is so simple and so short I simply do not get the 90 minute waits. Thunder Mountain is better, longer and has shorter lines and yet very similar in terms of the type of ride. Felicity and Elizabeth rode it. In fact, Felicity and Elizabeth rode on 5 of Disney World's 7 roller coasters, and enjoyed every one of them.
Day 5 we went to Mass at Mary, Queen of the Universe, or as we casually call it, Our Lady of the Generous Tourist. It is a basilica with no parish that relies completely upon tourists for its funds and so pitches for money multiple times at every Mass. It isn't a bad church, but the constant nagging for money gets tiresome. It is closest to Disney though. They had a huge almost life-size nativity in a side chapel with an exquisite mosaic of Our Lady of Guadalupe which I loved so much I made it the picture on my phone. 
After Mass we had lunch at Wolfgang Puck's and then went back to the Studios to score some more time on the kids' favorite playground.
 And before we hopped on Toy Story Mania, we took time to meet Woody and Buzz.
Day 6 we went to the Animal Kingdom for some fun at the Boneyard playground, on the Triceratops ride, Dinosaur ride and Kilimanjaro's Safari. 
For day 7, our final day in the parks, we went to two parks: first Magic Kingdom and then EPCOT. After years of waiting and trying, we finally got Felicity and Elizabeth on Big Thunder Mountain, which I believe became Felicity's favorite roller coaster. My favorite is Expedition Everest, but we didn't know if they were ready for a drop that big yet nor going backwards in the dark. Next time though I think they will be ready for it and maybe Rockin' Roller Coaster and going upside down too!
 And then we revisited some favorites, like Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, It's A Small World, Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh and James took Felicity and Elizabeth for their first ride on Space Mountain, which is his favorite roller coaster.
 After a snack lunch we hopped the monorail over to EPCOT and revisited Spaceship Earth, the Land and Journey into Imagination.
 I have to admit, by this day the younger ones were starting to feel the exhaustion (adults began days ago) and it was good our trip was coming to an end. Teresa especially was struggling with the tiredness and the only thing that really cheered her up was meeting and hugging the characters.
 She loved meeting all the characters. She grabbed their noses and they "beeped" her nose. They would play and hide and always make everyone smile but Teresa soaked it up more than anyone else.
 We walked around a few of the countries where the girls colored bears and got stamps from each country... next time the girls want to get every country's stamp and had dinner before coming back to the hotel room to pack up.

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