Saturday, January 30, 2016

Don't Blink: Cecilia Turns Ten!

I say it every year, but every year it is true. I can't believe she is ten.

She celebrated her birthday with a trip to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum,

followed by lunch at Red Robin and an afternoon of video games and fun with grandpa before enjoying a birthday chocolate chip cookie cake and presents.

 Felicity sewed Cecilia a purple heart as a gift and made her a homemade card. Priceless.
 Most of the presents were from my parents...

 James and I bought her her own iPod Nano.

 Cecilia heard yesterday that I was expecting a package from Apple... she assumed it was the iPod Nano. It wasn't. 10 is a milestone birthday, so my mom bought her an iPad Mini, to be used only with parental permission, but for educational apps and video games. It also must be shared. :)

 And James' parents sent her some adorable outfits and pajamas as well as a Walmart gift card and some shopping money!

I think we can officially declare Birthday 10 Cecilia a success! 

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