Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Learning Notes: March: I

Little mister has learned how to climb chairs, stairs and stools. Getting down them is another story.
I'm sorry the Learning Notes for February was such a lengthy post and my only post for the month. I will try to do better this month. I just do not have the time, patience or energy to do a Learning Notes post for every week (and I'm not sure anyone would care to read them anyway) but I'll see if I can find better ways of breaking it up.

The first week of March, Felicity and Elizabeth struggled to pay attention to the religion lesson. It could be boredom with the book but I think spring/cabin fever is more likely. There was some lovely spring weather over the weekend before but temperature drops made it feel like quite the tease. We did manage to do our required bookwork though as well as the next chapter in religion. 
"Rocket" by Brigid
"House" by Brigid
We watched videos on the Acropolis and one called Garden of the Gods. We also read Aesop's Fables and worked on singing the Agnus Dei. 
The girls played restaurant and this was their menu. 
We finally made our first outing to a local Catholic homeschooling archery club and Cecilia and Felicity absolutely loved it!

 Elizabeth gave it a try before we left and she got permission to shoot next time. Teresa wanted a turn too but, yeah... No!
 On Friday we did Multiplication Bingo and the Stations of the Cross again and both went very well.
Thomas learns the trickiness of walking on grass and uneven ground.
Didn't take him long.
The second week in March was our Spring Break and the kids were all eager to get out of the house. On Monday I let our local Catholic Girls Club and our AHG meeting being the outings and on Tuesday James took the oldest 4 to see Zootopia, which they all enjoyed. On Wednesday we took our first trip out to Madison to see the zoo and meet an old/new friend. The animals were all very active. We saw the porcupine spread his quills, the tiger paced right in front of us, the lion roared multiple times, the giraffes galloped around their pen, the gibbons sang and the polar bears swam!


 And I got to meet my internet friend of several years for the first time! It is ironic how we used to live so much closer together and never met and then a year after I move so much farther away we finally meet!
 Afterwards we went to lunch at Ella's Deli, which was unique!It has an extensive menu with good sized portions but the real draw is all the many electronic attractions around the restaurant.

 Favorites included Spiderman, Thomas the Train, Harry Potter, a lovely Alice in Wonderland Cuckoo Clock, Superman, a space robot, etc. The food was good but the kids were disappointed the carousel was still closed from winter and I was a bit grossed out by how much dust was on all of the moving characters above my head and food.

Thursday we went to a local park and walked around the lake. We saw many ducks and a pair of geese. Felicity and Elizabeth made a list of all the animals and birds we saw to finish their zoology badge and then we fed the ducks and geese some bread I had brought.

 On Friday we did Multiplication Bingo and the Stations of the Cross. By then the girls were starting to get a bit tired of doing the Stations. But I assured them that, while we will continue doing Multiplication Bingo every week even after Easter, there were only two more weeks of Stations left.

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