Sunday, April 3, 2016

Teresa Turns Five!

While Teresa officially turned five on Thursday, we celebrated her birthday on Saturday, Teresa-style. The weather even decided to celebrate Teresa-style by being as unpredictable as humanly possible. In the morning it snowed about an inch or two all sticking and making the roads somewhat slick. 

 We managed to get to the indoor water park though. The older girls were off and playing and going down the water slides before I even had my shoes off.

 Thomas was less certain about the giant bathtub.

 My dad went down the "Triple Dog Dare" with Cecilia and Elizabeth.
 Thomas was tired but just couldn't fall asleep and just sitting in the stroller he began to get warm, so I took him out and he cooled off and began to like the place, splashing about.

 Brigid asked to go on the "Triple Dog Dare" but I suggested she try the smaller yellow slide first. She loved it and went down it three times!

After 3 hours at the water park, the snow had stopped and mostly melted and the skies were sunny and blue and we went to Red Robin for lunch. After lunch, we came home for some video games and playing before cake and presents. While the kids played games, it began snowing heavily again and then just before we sang it hailed briefly. Teresa requested a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with as much green icing as we could get on it. 

 Teresa was very sweet and even let her sisters help her open her presents. She got a green plush cat, and now Elizabeth can have hers back,
 A Disgust action figure that talks,
 Her own Inside Out backpack,

 The Peanuts Movie and The Good Dinosaur movie,  The Leap Frog Talking Words DVD, Lego City Undercover WiiU Game,

 Silverlicious, Aqualicious and Emeraldlicious

 some Hello Kitty and Inside Out clothes
And her first very own Lego set, the one she begged for at Disney World.

It was most definitely a Totally Teresa Celebration and she had a fantastic day and even the weather honored her unique and amazing character. 

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