Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Learning Notes: July I

Impressively, it didn't take us long to unpack the car, put everything away, and clean up much of the house. Although, after such a long drive, James and I were pretty tired and that did give Thomas some time to get into trouble when we weren't looking...
Unfortunately, 5 of the 6 kids also managed to pick up a cold on our way home, Felicity being the only exception among them. So James and I tag teamed for Mass on Sunday. Given the opportunity, I decided to try a Tridentine Latin Mass again. It was a low Mass, so said in an hour time and fairly simply. Unfortunately the church it was in is under renovation so the entire sanctuary is under scaffolding and a thick plastic curtain but it was still a nice opportunity for prayer. James got to see and hear the new pastor at our church and then picked up Chilis for all of us for lunch.

Monday we got back to work. Cecilia and Elizabeth both finished their math for the year completing their 5th and 2nd grades. While I continued to work with Teresa on her reading, it was a week of doctor appointments for me and the kids. By Friday, both Cecilia and Felicity were diagnosed with walking pneumonia and on antibiotics. Between the appointments, the colds and then the walking pneumonia, we took it pretty easy the first week back but we did have medical clearance to go to the Nazareth Project's Family Sunday, which included Mass with our Bishop, lunch, a magic show with balloon animals, face painting, two bounce houses, rock climbing, camel rides, root beer, ice cream and more. The kids had an absolute blast!

The second week of July was officially vacation. From play doh to coloring to blocks and video games we did exactly what you should do on vacation. On Tuesday we went to a local Little Flowers meeting at a public park. It really didn't go well for us. I was supposed to cut out snowflake lace for each of my girls out of card stock. By the time I finished the second one my hand was getting tired and my two oldest had gotten so tired of waiting they did their own. They didn't get to finish doing what they were supposed to with the lace before the group had moved on to the second craft. While the meeting was scheduled for an hour and a half, it was done in less than 45, so we went to the playground next to it. The kids enjoyed the playground but it was hot, getting late and it is tiring trying to keep track of 5 kids on a public park playground, so we went home after 15 minutes or so.

Poor Thomas tripped in the hallway and smashed his face into the door jamb. :(
Wednesday Teresa had her eyes checked and her vision has improved so much that both eyes are now 20/30 and she only has to patch for 2 hours a day. Elizabeth went to the dentist to get sealants on her permanent molars and an X-ray. And then we all went out to see two chapels I've been wanting to see for a while now.

Built around 1420 in the village of Chasse, SE of Lyon, France, this chapel was acquired by Gertrude Hill Gavin, daughter of an American RR magnate, and then dismantled and shipped to the U.S. Although originally named St. Martin de Seyssuel, Gavin renamed it after St. Joan. Permission to say Mass in it was granted by Pope Pius XI in 1933. Gavin also bought a 13th-century Gothic altar and a "Joan of Arc Stone." Backed by an official French endorsement of authenticity, the stone is believe to be the base for a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary before which St. Joan of Arc prayed. The stone was reportedly kissed by the Saint.

The other chapel was that of St. Joseph, which is an exquisite example of Italian Romanesque Revival style that was constructed from 1917 until 1920/21. It is home to many, many relics as well.

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