Saturday, July 2, 2016

Learning Notes: June II

I apologize for how lengthy this post is and how many photos/videos there are... the past two weeks were quite busy. :)

After Elizabeth's birthday party, the rest of June got very busy very quickly. James was called for jury duty and while Cecilia and Elizabeth worked to complete their math for the week and did finish their English and Spelling for the year, respectively, my dad had to fly up to help me drive all the kids East.

Unfortunately the drive turned out to be more stressful than we planned when we hit a large oval-shaped storm system.
There was nonstop lightning for several hours with rain that could come down so hard and at such an angle it was very difficult to see. Being at night didn't help either.

Although it took a bit longer than planned, we did make it safely. We stayed at my parents house with my brother, his wife and their dog, whom Thomas took quite a liking to.

My Sister-in-Law's birthday is only a couple days before Elizabeth's, so we celebrated her birthday too!
That Friday was Elizabeth's actual birthday and, as requested, we went to the pool...

Followed by dinner at On the Border - so good!
Elizabeth even got a birthday rainbow before we sang again and had cupcakes with more presents!
Saturday we drove up to New Jersey and I finally got to meet my internet blogging/Facebook buddy, Gina! and her two precious boys! And the kids had a ball... in the pool, on the trampoline...

In the sandbox, on the swings...
My SIL pushing Thomas on the swing. 
Playing with magnetic letters and velcro dart balls...

 But mainly they just wanted to steal her cats...
 Particularly Teresa didn't want to leave without a cat. That girl and her cats!
Love her son's eyes in this shot... "Um, Mom..."
After a wonderful visit, we drove across town to Tir Na Nog for a family dinner celebrating my grandfather's 90th Birthday (it is a very busy birthday week for our family!).

My dad playing peek-a-boo with Thomas
Peek-a-boo Thomas!
Thomas the Train Engineer!

My grandfather with 7 Great Grandkids!
There is always one kid who is a grump... it was Felicity's turn apparently. :)

Poor Thomas began to get very tired.
Married for 67 years! 
 Sunday we braved Mass, which had gone well until Thomas hit his upper lip and nose on the pew. And then Teresa and Brigid had to go to the bathroom. And then Thomas had a poopy diaper. And so I spent the homily with the three youngest counting the flowering plants in the hall.
 But we did get to visit the new Our Lady of Lourdes statue!
That afternoon my parents, brother and sister-in-law took the oldest 5 to see Finding Dory. They loved it! On Monday Daddy finally flew in after spending a week in court on the jury of a domestic abuse case and then the weekend grading. Thomas was especially happy to see his buddy!

After such a busy week, we stayed at the house that day playing board games and having fun on the slip and slide...

and playing 30 year old video games!
Brigid and Thomas have become Aquanaut fan buddies!

On Tuesday we went to the Baltimore Aquarium.

 Cecilia and Elizabeth got to touch Moon Jellyfish!


Upside Down Jellyfish!

Wednesday we went back to the pool again for some more swim time and then Thursday we went bowling! Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth, Teresa and Brigid bowled in one lane with bumpers while my dad, mom, brother and I bowled in the next lane (without bumpers).
I love watching Brigid and Teresa bowl in particular. Teresa is just so funny in the way she walks in the bowling shoes and throws the ball and Brigid is ecstatic jumping up and down with arms flailing after every single bowl.

That evening we headed home and drove all night. Of course there wasn't a single drop of rain until 3:30am when I took over driving and it began raining, but at least it wasn't as bad as the drive East. It was a crazy, busy, fun end to June. Hopefully we can finish our remaining Math lessons and Reading lessons in July. :)

Rosie was very happy to have us back.

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