Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pray the Rosary for Priests and Bishops

Last April, I was inspired. I felt a great and urgent need to pray for our priests and bishops. The last time I felt like this was December 8, 2011, exactly 6 weeks before the HHS Mandate was announced. But I'm determined this time not let my response lack. So, I decided I will pray a rosary for priests and bishops every Thursday. Not only was I inspired on a Thursday, but the priesthood was instituted on Holy Thursday. The rosary is a perfect prayer choice, not only because it is a great spiritual weapon at the fingertips of anyone and everyone, but also because the Luminous Mysteries, the mysteries often prayed on Thursdays, are particularly appropriate as reflections and meditations for bishops and priests.

Would you like to join me? Our priests and bishops need our prayers every day, but this would be an especially nice gesture to build a support for our priests and bishops of Our Lady's rosary and I think anyone can handle that only once per week, even myself.

So Please join me today in praying a rosary for our priests and bishops. Now, we can make our intentions for these mysteries general, such as all priests and bishops, their fidelity, their spiritual courage, their holiness, an increase in faithful vocations, etc. but please also feel free to pray for specific priests, bishops or circumstances, such as your own pastor, your own bishop, the fight against the HHS Mandate, etc. Everyone can make this rosary their own through their choice of intentions yet we will all be praying for and showering down graces on our priests and bishops. 

Just in case you would like a suggestion, here are my weekly reflections and intentions:

The Baptism in the Jordan
May many more young men hear the voice of the Father that Jesus is His Beloved Son and seek to follow Him. May they strive to be a son of God in whom the Father will be well pleased. As your Son embraced His Baptism to fulfill all righteousness, may your seminarians embrace obedience to the Divine Will and follow where He leads. As He was sent, so send young men out to labor for the harvest. And as the first apostles followed Jesus, may they follow Him wherever He leads them.

The Wedding at Cana
At the wedding feast at Cana, Jesus recognized the beauty and importance of marriage as a reason to celebrate when He changed the water into wine. May your priests prepare well those who wish to enter into the sacrament of Matrimony. May they instruct married couples well. May they defend marriage and speak of up for the dignity of marriage between one man and one woman. May they defend the family and the child's right to be born and to be born to a mother and a father. May they be true fathers to the families in their care protecting and guiding them according to the truth.

The Preaching of the Kingdom
May your priests always preach the truth. Give them courage and fortitude to speak against injustice, heresy, relativism and confusion. Guide their words so that people understand your Will and give them the words to build up your Kingdom. May they bring your wisdom and understanding to disagreement and confusion. May they protect and preserve the purity and sanctity of your Holy Church and bring the peace of Christ to the world by preaching the Gospel. May their lives preach the Gospel as well as their words. Give us brave, strong, faithful priests!

The Transfiguration
Preserve the purity of your priests that they may always be a faithful witness to the eternal reality we all hope to attain. Preserve their celibacy and chastity that they may be holy, faithful spouses of your Church and beautiful witnesses to the vocation of the priesthood. May your priests devote themselves completely, without reservation, and with joy to your service. Transform their hearts to be hearts like yours that they may be priests after your own Sacred Heart. Make your priests prayerful, that they often may ascend the mountain and draw close to you. And may the fruits of their prayers bless all your faithful.

The Institution of the Eucharist
Guide and bless my bishop and help him to shepherd our diocese according to your will. May he return the reception of the sacraments in our diocese to the original order. May he make our liturgies reverent and ordered to help us worship God as He desires and grow in personal holiness. Bless and guide my pastor and his pastoral associate and help them to shepherd our parish according to your will. Help them form the hearts of those entrusted to their care according to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts that were pierced so that we might meet our Savior in His Holy Eucharist.

Thank you so much!!!

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