Monday, September 26, 2016

Learning Notes: September I

We celebrated the first day of September by taking a trip to Green Meadows Farm.This was really the first visit when Thomas could really run around almost as much as the bigger kids and he absolutely loved it.
Thomas was so excited over all the chickens, he kept stamping his feet in jubilation. 

Teresa's favorite part is the kitten barn. She wants a cat very badly. I told her maybe in a couple of years, but in the meantime, she could just sit and hold these kittens for hours if I let her. 
Another favorite is the zip line. I've wondered if we couldn't put one up in our yard, perhaps using our two big pine trees as supports for the start of it... just not sure where it would end. :)

Brigid did try to do the zip line, but was scared of the height so she stuck to the slide!

Thomas loved watching the rubber ducks float down the pipe. He watched them very intently until the fell out in front of him and then he would pile them back up again. 

Thomas was fine getting on the pony but half way through he got nervous. By the end, when I got a picture, he was done. :)

We also celebrated Elizabeth's Baptism day with frozen custard at the end of August but I neglected to include the pictures in that post, so I'm just adding them here.
Labor Day week was a catch up week, but on Friday Brigid and I got some mommy/daughter time at a special class at the zoo all about bears. We decided as a special treat for the girls, we would sign each of them up for one zoo class and Brigid's was first and the subject couldn't have been better for my Brigid, who, incidentally, says she is a Panda bear named Bubbles. :)
Of course, being the queen of puzzles, she went right for the bear puzzle first!
There were many stations around the room. She built a bear den and decorated it with straw, leaves and a paper bear.
She painted a bear and did marvelously staying inside the lines. She was very careful!
Then she decorated a snow scene over the cave and glued a mama and baby bears inside the cave.
Then she made a bear hat and two paws and pretended to be a bear.
She colored and decorated a book about bears and learned about what they eat and how they behave. She even got to feel real bear fur and a real bear claw before we went for a tour of the bears at the zoo.

The second full week of September we got back to work. We read The Romans in the Days of the Empire by Shane Miller and continued our religion and chemistry lessons. On Thursday we went to a Mass for homeschoolers and had a picnic afterwards.

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