Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thomas the Tiger Turns Two!

Although Thomas' birthday would not be until Thursday, with Grandma and Grandpa here, we celebrated a few days early with a trip to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum (with new shoes).
It was a bit funny watching the kids playing with the corded phone.
"Don't drive angry."
"Get me off this crazy thing."
Cecilia checks out Teresa's produce.
If your ambulance driver looks like this, jump out!
We then went to Red Robin for lunch and came home for a little bit before heading to Mass at the beautifully recently renovated St. Stanislas
And then we came home for cake and presents!
Cute little guy got a bit overwhelmed by everyone staring and singing at him, so he leaned on daddy for support.
And, naturally, he had help opening his presents. 

Thomas is one happy and blessed (almost) 2 year old!

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