Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Learning Notes: November I

I'm proud to report that I was prepared for November. I printed up a calendar of November with the names of deceased family members with a few days for general purgatorial intentions and filled six boxes with 30 candies for each of the kids to eat each day after they have prayed for and maybe offered something up for the intended soul(s) of the day, or they can sacrifice that day's candy and offer that up too.
 We began November as all Catholics should, with Mass for All Saints Day! We went to St. Josaphat's Basilica, which is always so gorgeous!
 Then we went to Chick Fil-A for a delicious lunch and some fun on the playground. It isn't always easy being a kid and going to Mass on a Tuesday, but it is always worth it. :)
 And, unfortunately, the kids' cold finally caught me, so I was more than happy to make school a sort of half day. We read more in St. Patrick's Summer and did a few more pages in Chemistry and then two Chemistry experiments. We used litmus paper to test our water, vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, and Clorox Clean Up and then we decide to see how vinegar breaks down metal by using some pre-1981 pennies.
 Alas, I don't have an after picture, because pennies do not sit around for long around here, but after 4 hours, they had turned green. :)
Unfortunately, Wednesday morning Felicity was throwing up. Added to the rain and thunderstorms and we didn't make it to a cemetery to pray for the dead but we did do so at home and offer up a rather unpleasant day. Cecilia and Elizabeth managed to get some schoolwork done though and by Thursday Teresa had completed her next reading lesson and 2 pages in Math. Each of the girls finished reading St. Patrick's Summer and on Friday we did play multiplication Bingo. We were taking it a bit easier by later in the week though since I got sick as well and just was not feeling up to much. We did play multiplication Bingo though on Friday.
On Saturday I attended the Women of Christ Conference, which was wonderful, and then James and the kids joined me there for Mass in the evening with our Archbishop.
Monday we got back to the books and made some great progress before going to our Catholic girls club. We read St. Brigid's Cloak and The Life of St. Brigid. Unfortunately, Tuesday morning was met with Elizabeth throwing up. Felicity and Cecilia both did some math and other bookwork but Elizabeth had to take the day to rest as she didn't stop throwing up until after dinner. They did all begin reading The Wolf and the Shield though.
Fortunately, by Wednesday morning, we were back to normal and I did the week's religion chapter with Felicity and Elizabeth about King David. The two of them even got goofy during it thinking about the VeggieTales version and declared everything was a rubber ducky. Oh well.
By Thursday Felicity had finished all her book work for the week. We also finished reading our 4th Chemistry lesson all about compounds and to demonstrate a physical reaction (as opposed to a chemical reaction) we had some fun with Mentos and Diet Cola.
By instruction of our Chemistry book, we even glued together 8 Mentos with a hot glue gun so we could drop 8 in at once. I don't think it made a bigger reaction but I do think it sped up the reaction. On Friday we began another Chemistry experiment mixing Alum in boiling water. We let it sit for a day and grew some impressively large crystals!
Alas, multiplication Bingo was canceled due to illness invasion. :(

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