Monday, December 26, 2016

Blessed Christmas!!!

We went to the vigil Mass on Saturday but I was not able to get a group picture. Thomas, Brigid and Teresa were all a bit challenging. At one point I had all three on top of me. By the time Mass ended Teresa sat on the floor refusing to walk, Thomas was begging me to carry him and Brigid was whining that she was starving and tired. Even the picture I tried to take of the parish nativity came out too blurry because I was holding Thomas while I was trying to take it. So I have no pictures from Mass or of the Church or of the kids. We even had to cancel our plans to eat out because after I carried Teresa out of the church on my back she had a meltdown in the car. So we picked up Chick Fil-A just before they closed and went home.

I do have pictures after we had gotten all the presents out though and of Christmas morning.
We had a very nice and relaxing Christmas Day with legos and DVDs and video games with a lovely husband-cooked steak dinner with garlic green beans and a loaded mashed potato followed by a vanilla birthday cake for Jesus!
Merry Christmas!!!

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