Sunday, December 11, 2016

Learning Notes: December

Impressively, we were fever and illness free for 3 days at the beginning of December only to have Thomas get sick by the weekend. After two days and nights of misery with fevers over 103, I took him to the doctor and he tested positive for strep. Thank God for antibiotics though; by the feast of St. Nicholas, he was our happy boy again.
By Wednesday, Felicity had finished all her school work for the semester and Cecilia was down to a couple of math lessons, but, unfortunately, she tested positive for strep too after a morning of vomiting. By Friday Elizabeth had it and by Saturday I tested positive for strep and had an ear infection. We did manage to still get quite a bit of school work done, including finishing The White Stag and our last Chemistry lesson, though we did not get to any experiments this week. Felicity finished all her school work for the week and Teresa finished all her math. Elizabeth got done everything but her math. 
I worked out a plan to help all the girls finish their remaining school work for the semester by the following Tuesday during our Catch Up week, because it is very helpful having a catch up week to be caught up before a wonderful 3 week Christmas break and especially beneficial after having 4 illnesses in less than 2 months! 
We also had our first big snowfall of the season and Thomas got to go out and play in the snow for his first time!
I was expecting to get a cold by the second half of October and I wasn’t too thrown when we got the stomach bug in mid November and I was relieved by the 48 hour fevers that hit at the end of November that did not include vomit, but by the strep of December I was getting pretty worn down. All the illnesses made the last month or so of our semester more challenging, but all things considered I'm pretty content with how our school year has gone so far. We did quite a few Chemistry experiments, made great progress reading about the fall of the Roman empire and the beginning of the Catholic Church and everyone has progressed through their math, english, spelling, vocabulary, typing, Spanish and reading quite well.
I spend part of the last few days going over, planning and tweaking the remainder of our school year and printing up assignment sheets for each of the older 3 girls. I've also ordered our History books for January, so I think we are all just about ready to let go of the books and the lessons and grow quieter as we prepare for Christmas.

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