Friday, April 28, 2017

April Learning Notes

April began chilly and wet with enough rain to lure ducks to our back yard for the puddles:
At the beginning of March, Thomas' language had begun to blossom. By April it was exploding. He was saying new words every day.
In religion, while Cecilia read about St. Jerome, Felicity and Elizabeth went over the priestly, prophetic and kingly roles of Christ and how we share in them as well as a bit about the Church as the musical Body of Christ. We went to our Catholic Homeschooling girls group, but I kept the younger three in the car while the older ones met since I couldn't lift Thomas yet. The oldest three also read D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Myths as we began our studies of the Vikings. In Botany we read the 8th lesson on stems.
Brigid tried to put mittens and slippers on her Panda.
Many rainy days were spent inside.
 You can't have 5 older sisters and not get decorated. At least they don't stay in his hair though! lol.
The second week of April was Holy Week. I already did a post about the Triduum and our Easter Sunday, but we had other fun that week too. I gave all the kids painted faces, except Thomas who said he wanted to be a brown bear and then refused after 1 swab of paint.
The Phantom
Pink Cat
Ever my Panda
 We had a playdate and gave the house a nice cleaning from the bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas to even the basement and the garage. It was much needed. It was hard to do much in the backyard with all the rain we have. Every time the yard comes close to drying out it rains again and gets the usual puddles. The girls have had fun riding bikes out front though and Teresa has loved finding so many worms!
"I love worms. They're so pretty and they don't hurt you."
The third week of April was Easter week and we always take off school for both Holy Week, to prepare for Easter, and Easter Week, to celebrate Easter. We had another playdate and went to the Milwaukee Domes. There are three domes. The Tropical one, I think, was a favorite. I mean, it has bananas and cocoa. :)
 The Desert Dome was fun too. The many cacti, "living stones", Crown of Thorns and pretty birds were big hits.
I loved this one. I'm not sure how easy it is to get from the Canary Islands though. I'm betting it wouldn't adapt well to Wisconsin's wet weather anyway. 
 The third dome is the Show Dome, which is currently a beautiful spring garden.
 By midweek, 4 of the kids had colds, so we did slow down some. But Friday was the feast day of St. Anselm, so to celebrate Christopher's feast day, we went to the zoo. I took along my new zoom lens to try it out.
 I had to zoom in on this shot.... Brigid's face cracks me up!
 It was a fun outing, but by the weekend, I was sick and we took it easy. We were pretty tuckered out.
The final week of April we read in The World's Story, Story of the World, and Famous Men of the Middle Ages all about the Vikings. We also read the story of Astrid in Twelve Bright Trumpets and read through DK Eyewitness: Vikings, Vikings: Eat, Dress, Write and Play Just Like the Vikings, and Lief the Lucky. We also did the 28th chapter in Religion all about the 7 sacraments.
The girls are definitely starting to see the light at the end of the school year tunnel. Felicity finished all her school work for the week by Wednesday and began working on the following week's work. Teresa has 8 reading lessons left, but that doesn't stop her from asking if she is done for the year after each one.
On Friday we played Multiplication Bingo. We hadn't played in a while. Cecilia was happy to take over as moderator calling out the multiplication problems. By lunch all the girls were done their work for the week.
Felicity, Teresa and Brigid came with me to the cemetery and I ordered a grave marker for Christopher. No one should ever need to order a tombstone for their own child, but I'm grateful we were able to. It is being paid for by donations from friends and family and it should be beautiful. It won't be in until the end of August/beginning of September, but I'm hoping it will be in before Christopher's due date, September 21st.

April seemed to go by quickly. I kept telling myself for 2 months that I just needed to get through April. I began April recovering from surgery and then went into preparations for Easter and ended it ordering my son's grave marker, but I'm trying to focus ahead. I've also been working on planning the next school year. We have 3 more weeks before another break and then the final push to finish the school year.

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