Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Learning Notes: March

February was not a fun month and I really just wanted to get through March, but I'll try to recount our month as best I can.
Considering the miscarriage, it was a blessing that the first week of March was scheduled as a "catch up" week. We took it easy most of the week, but we did go to our local Catholic homeschooled girls meeting and made a trip to the Field Museum in Chicago. 
Tiger shoes for Thomas!
The Ghost and the Darkness.
Thomas also began talking a lot. He has made sounds and said a few words for a while, but mostly he was working on sounds. Until March this was him:

He has understood tons of words but has been slow to say many words but in early March his spoken vocabulary began to take off. Bear, home, baby, more, you, blue, bar, puppy and so many more. He now counts to four and can say 8 and 9 and he has written a S and said the Ssss sound. And he has begun singing along to the bedtime song I made up for him and sing to him before naps and at bedtime. 
Despite his bursting vocabulary, he was not happy to get another haircut. Ever try to give a haircut to a snot-covered rabid mongoose? It was basically like that but boy did he need it! 
In the end, his haircut wasn't perfect as I struggled to make it even, but it was so much better! He wasn't thrilled, but I've had fun rubbing his head since. :)

The second week of March was met with a snow storm accented with a lake effect. The kids loved it! 12 inches of powdery fluff and they were in heaven for days making snowmen and sledding and eating snow cones and throwing snowballs.
It was only Thomas' second time out in the snow and the first time he didn't like it much since he fell down and realized it was cold. He loved it this time though!
The snow was a welcome diversion and fun exercise outside. In school we read about the differences between mortal and venial sins and how to properly form our consciences. We read DK Knight, The Kitchen Knight, The Making of A Knight, Merlin and the Making of the King, and National Geographic's How to Be A Medieval Knight. I was glad we were a week ahead in Science and could take it a bit easy this week. I had an exam to prepare for my gallbladder surgery and the kids wanted to play in the snow as much as possible.
 Thomas loves stomping snowballs.
Oh, and Teresa got her new glasses!!!:

The third week of March we read The Sword in the Tree and watched the 1967 Camelot with Richard Harris. I thought the kids might be bored, especially as it was 3 hours long, but they got rather into it and enjoyed it. It also prompted a discussion about adultery with the older girls. They'd heard of it from the 10 Commandments but we have never gone into it much and they saw Guinevere flirting with the knights and asked if she was committing adultery and I said she was certainly flirting with it but by the second half when everyone knows she is spending time with and in love with Lancelot, without any nude scenes or blatant sexuality, they could see she was committing adultery and betraying King Arthur. It was a good lesson in the subject without getting graphic or gratuitous.
That Thursday, we buried Christopher. The younger ones struggled through the prayer service, but they were good at the grave.
 Cecilia has taken it especially hard. I had brought a dozen white roses. Each of the kids threw a white rose on the grave. James and I each threw three. We are talking with the coordinators at the cemetery about a memorial stone.
Garry and Amy from St. Luke's Brush ever so kindly sent me a St. Christopher doll in memory of my baby. Isn't it gorgeous?!

 Friday we had a fun three hour playdate and began counting down to Grandpa's arrival.
I was relieved to get to the last week of March. We did religion and got as much school work as we could on Monday. The older girls read The Door in the Wall and Of Swords and Sorcerers and on Tuesday I went to the hospital and had my gallbladder removed.
The doctor and nurses said they rarely have a patient as happy as I was to go into surgery. The last few weeks the symptoms had gotten worse and worse. A week before the surgery, I had only had about 9g of fat the whole day and I still wound up in significant pain for 3 solid hours. There just was no winning again my gallbladder. It was my first surgery, so naturally I was a bit nervous and hence chatty, but I was so happy to be finally stopping the pain and all the dietary restrictions. By the end I was down to rice, grilled chicken and pasta with a little bit of tomato sauce for my meal options. I went home late afternoon that same day. Teresa was upset about my "hurts" that meant she had to be gentle with me. She has taken them to mean that going to the hospital makes you get hurt. I keep trying to explain the hospital was so I would stop hurting. And Thomas is still upset I can't pick him up yet, but I found I can lower him into the crib from a piggy back, so at least I can put him to bed again.
While I was in surgery and recovering, the kids colored swords, shields and a castle with Grandpa.
They also sneaked into Grandpa's room and stole his hats. Basically, they kept him busy. :)
We pretty much finished our study of the knights, castles, Charlemagne and King Arthur. I think they enjoyed it. We ended March with a birthday, but that is a separate post. :)

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