Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Now Teresa is Six!

After my surgery, Teresa turned six, so naturally some celebration was in order!
So we began the day at the Milwaukee Public Museum. We love the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit and it doesn't hurt that it has a candy store. :)
Some of the kids also went into the butterfly enclosure with Grandpa. Thomas never did notice the one that landed on Grandpa.
We also went through the temporary Food exhibit. I LOVE these food seats! I wish I could buy a few for the kids! 
For Teresa's choice, we went to Olive Garden for lunch. After some yummy cheese sticks and pasta, the restaurant treated all the kids to Sundaes since they erred and gave them fettuccini instead of spaghetti (think it is no big deal? Try it with your kids!) and Teresa got a slice of chocolate cake.
Since everyone was pretty full from lunch, we did presents before singing and cake.
 After a break, we came back for cookie cake and singing!
It is hard to believe my cloth-diaper-burning, antibacterial-soap-eating, toilet-bowl-playing, street-bolting Sweetheart is 6!!!!!! Blessed Birthday, TERESA!!!

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