Sunday, June 18, 2017

June Learning Notes I

June got off to a fun field trip to the Bookworm Gardens.
The first weekend was very warm, so I ran to Walmart and picked up a big plastic wading pool. The kids had a ball. 
We also finally dyed our Easter eggs, just under the wire before Pentecost.
While the kids had finished almost every subject, there was still history reading to do. So the girls read about St. Maud, St. Dunstan, St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Isidore the Farmer, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, and St. Thomas Becket in Saints: Lives and Illuminations. They read about El Cid, Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Henry IV, Peter the Hermit, Frederick Barbarossa, Henry II and Louis IX in Famous Men of the Middle Ages. They also read all about the Crusades, the Dispora, St. Louis, etc. in The World's Story and Story of the World. And they read the chapter in 12 Bright Trumpets on the crusades. Felicity read Eleanor, a diary style historical fiction of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Cecilia began it but really disliked the diary style and found it dull. They both read If All the Swords in England though, about Thomas Becket.

We watched the Errol Flynn "Adventures of Robin Hood" as well as the Disney animated "Robin Hood and all three read The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green.
On June 15th, we went to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.
 The Fairy Castle was neat. The detail exquisite and it used to have real water running through the sinks, tubs and fountains.
 The chapel had a bust of Pope Pius IX and an altar with a reliquary on it.
 The decorations are all real -real gold, real silver, real diamonds, real emeralds, etc.
 Then we went to farm equipment and the kids got to pretend drive absolutely huge machines.
 "A train! A train! A train! A train! Would you, could you on a train?" I had to keep quoting it in the train section after having to read Green Eggs and Ham so many times lately. It is always a favorite among my new readers. That and Hop on Pop.
 We saw the Lego Brick by Brick temporary exhibit. The kids had a lot of fun trying to build buildings that could withstand an earthquake and racing Lego cars.
 Then there were the pair of pulley chairs where you pulled yourself up using a 2:1 ratio rope or a 6:1 ratio rope. Needless to say, the 6:1 was much easier. Seriously though, if we had these at home my kids would all have biceps to rival wrestlers.
 Then we discovered the trolley. I loved watching Thomas on the trolley. He became Daniel Tiger and kept saying, "Ding! Ding!" and ordering the trolley to go! It was priceless!
 From there we went to the Storm center to learn about meteorology. Cecilia especially loved it. She, like her dad, is fascinated by meteorology. I thought the tornado was cool and the avalanche looked like fun. I didn't get to see all of it though. There was a section above that made a loud crackling noise when it created "lightning" and Thomas cowered on my feed every time, so I took the opportunity to go change him.
 Then we went into the Mirror Maze. Now they caution you not to run in the maze. But even not running I seemed to be the only one who really wanted to take my time through it. The one picture I got was plenty blurry and I didn't get any others because despite all admonishments to not run Thomas didn't listen. Smack! then Splat! And hysterical crying ensued. He was fine though I do think his nose and head were a bit sore.
 The other special exhibit we saw was on Robotics. It was more neat than I expected it to be.
Teresa LOVED this robot. She wanted to get one. For $500 on Amazon though, I think she needs to be older.
 On the way out we strolled through the circus section...
 We got on board the Burlington train before heading to J. Alexanders for a delicious dinner and then heading home.

I'm dividing June into 2 posts given how busy we've been and how many pictures there are, but before I finish I wanted to post an update of our garden which is springing up well. I can identify corn, sunflower, potatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce and watermelon. I think we have others but I'm not sure which given weeds. 

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