Sunday, July 30, 2017

July Learning Notes III

After all our outings we focused on a few doctor/dental appointments, cleaning up the house and visiting with some friends. We went to a wonderful double birthday party and had a sister slumber party in the living room with movie night. We also saw our garden blossom with corn, pumpkins, sky-high sunflowers, more tomatoes and morning glories!
Then we had another significant development.
Thomas perfected climbing out of the crib so we moved him to his big bed.
At the end of the month James went to a conference and I took the kids to St. Stanislas for Mass by myself. They finished the next stage of their renovations and it is gorgeous!
You can see a wonderful tour of it here.

And just like that, our summer break is over. On July 31 we begin the new school year. I have a lot planned but I'm excited about it too. We certainly have had a fun break though!

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