Friday, July 7, 2017

June Learning Notes II

Mid-June we drove to Maryland for my nephew's Baptism.
 I love this picture of my grandmother.
 While we were there we went to the National Cryptological Museum. It was quite fascinating. From John Nash to the earliest code machines to coding in the various American wars, signaling, enigma machines, invisible ink and the computer age there was a lot I found very interesting. They also had a scavenger hunt for kids that required decoding and when they completed it they got a pencil and a frisbee.
 We visited with friends and also went to the National Zoo so our panda-loving Brigid could see real pandas. I tried to get some nice shots of them to maybe blow one up and frame it for her or at least so she could hang them up.
So sad. But I think they were playing Minecraft together.
My adorable goddaughter who refused to willingly have her picture taken.
Cecilia and I find the Fennick Fox adorable. 
 We had dinner at Uncle Julio's (we had all worked up quite an appetite at the zoo.)
 And definitely needed some down time.
 My little panda...
 My parents and James took the kids to see Despicable Me 3 and we celebrated Elizabeth's birthday with an outing to the pool. We played Ticket to Ride and got to spend time with newly Baptized Martin.
 We drove home July 4th-5th overnight catching fireworks along the way in Pennsylvania. It was a fun and worthwhile trip. While we have a few weeks before we begin bookwork again, I have a few outing ideas I'm hoping to take advantage of before we return to the learning table.

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