Friday, September 1, 2017

August Learning Notes: Week 5

Beauties from the garden!
Monday got off to a good start. In addition to a lot of bookwork, I did the 5th religion lesson with Teresa about the fall of the angels and then the original sin of Adam and Eve. Then the oldest three and I went over the first half of the 5th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. The chapter is long, so I divided it in half and we talked about the beatitudes and what it means to be the "salt of the earth" and "light of the world." We also began Blanche Jennings Thompson's Saint Elizabeth's Three Crowns. Then we began the 4th Zoology lesson, more on flying. We read about how light bird bones are and how important that is for them to get off the ground. We compared pictures of cow bones, human bones and chicken bones so they could see how hollow the bird bones were. We also talked about their flight muscles in their breast and why the muscles used to flap their wings down were so much larger than the ones used to raise their wings up. We also talked about migration and how birds turn in flight or fly up and down and how some birds soar on thermal waves of heat rising up from the earth. It was a long and busy day.

(Brigid has been obsessed with Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth")
Teresa's toothbrush army and toothpaste canons. "They shoot paste balls!"
Tuesday we read The Magic School Bus Taking Flight, The Apple and the Arrow by Mary and Conrad Buff, and sections in The Story of the World  and Famous Men of the Middle Ages about the Bubonic Plague or Black Death, Robert Bruce, Edward the Black Prince, William Tell and Arnold von Winkelried, and Tamerlane. We also celebrated Elizabeth's Baptism Day with pizza and chocolate chip cookies.

Someone figured out how to climb onto the garbage can and get to the candy/gum cabinet. 
On Wednesday we read Leonard Everett Fisher's The Great Wall of China and finished our zoology lesson for the week on migration. I also discovered a wasp nest in a an attic vent on our roof. I spent a fair amount of time getting estimates and getting an exterminator out to spray it. We are hoping next spring we can hire a roofer to remove the nests and I will ask about an alternative kind of vent that is not such prime real estate for stinging insects. The kids even saw them gathering in clusters on the front of the house, which my google search suggested was a mating ritual. We never stop learning. :)
Thursday we went to the seminary for a special Back to School Mass for Homeschoolers. Then afterwards we went to Culver's for lunch and dessert.
We also finished reading Saint Elizabeth's Three Crowns
On Friday we played Multiplication Bingo and finished any remaining bookwork for the week. Teresa has been doing wonderfully. She is even ahead in her geography book and her English book. Brigid has completed through reading lesson 25 and is doing very well. She is 2 full weeks ahead in that book and has plowed 50 pages into her Kindergarten math book, though she still gets some of the teen numbers mixed up. We also prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy together using a DVD I bought from EWTN. Then we watched Winged Migration. It was so neat seeing so many different birds doing so much of what we have been reading and studying. 

We have had 5 very busy and full weeks, so it is with great pleasure for us all that we have a "catch up" week next week. Of course that doesn't mean the learning ceases. We have 3 field trips planned. :) I'll conclude with some shots of our lovely Morning Glories.

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