Saturday, September 9, 2017

September Learning Notes: Week 6

We were all relieved to have a Catch Up week. Although it began with Labor Day, we did a Magic School Bus activity kit called Soaring Into Flight. It included a series of experiments about flight covering air pressure, lift, drag, etc.

We also harvested two pumpkins from the garden. The Sunflowers have gotten huge too! That fence is 6 feet!
On Tuesday we went to the Bookworm Gardens.
On Wednesday we went to the Zoo, particularly to view the birds at the aviary since we have been studying birds. I also got to play with my zoom lens.
Thursday, we went to Old World Wisconsin. We spent 5 1/2 hours there. The kids had fun. They got to brush wool, harvest eggs, see a blacksmith make an S hook, ride early model bikes, do math in a hundred year old school house on slates, wash laundry on a washboard, put on a little play, pretend to preach in a 150 year old chapel, ride on a tram, see piglets, sit in the first Catholic Church built in Wisconsin and see how shoes are made. Busy, busy day!
 On Friday we hung around the house, got some cleaning done. While I was baking a homemade chocolate cake to celebrate the birth of our Blessed Mother, Thomas sneaked his big sister's iPod Nano.
 We did sing Happy Birthday to Mary and celebrate her birthday! It was a scrumptious end to a long, but fun week.

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