Saturday, September 16, 2017

September Learning Notes: Week 7

After a busy but fun week of trips without books, it was nice to get back to the books. On Monday, Teresa and I went over Original Sin and Baptism. We looked at pictures of her own baptism as well as Thomas' and talked about the symbolism and use of the candle, the water, the oil and the white garment. Teresa broke down crying over the loss of heaven from Original Sin, but even after I tried to comfort her with Baptism she broke down crying that to die and go to heaven she wouldn't see me or her family again. So I had to comfort her that we could all be together in Heaven again. Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth and I also went over the rest of the 5th chapter of Matthew. Then we caught up in Saints Lives and Illuminations and then began Saint Catherine of Siena by F. A. Forbes.

On Tuesday we read from The Story of the World, The World's Story, and Famous Men of the Middle Ages about Henry V, the Hundred Years War and the Battle of Agincourt. We also watched a clip of Kenneth Branagh's rendition of Shakespeare's famous St. Crispin's Day speech from Henry V. We also looked through DK Eyewitness' Birds, which was a lot of fun after all we've learned about them.

Wednesday we did the next Zoology lesson about nesting. We looked at different kinds of nests and the ways birds make nests or even don't make nests in some birds cases. We also watched Bishop Barron's Pivotal Players episode on St. Catherine of Siena.

Thursday we went to the library. It had been too long since we went and the kids had a wonderful time and checked out a few dozen books. Then we went to adoration for a little bit before going to Chick Fil-A for lunch and some fun on the playground. Then we finished reading Saint Catherine of Siena.
Leave a 2 year old for a few minutes to get more wipes and he'll probably dump baby powder all over his head!
Admittedly we did not play Multiplication Bingo this week. There was just too much cleaning and lawn care and stuff around the house to take care of so we finished our bookwork for the week. On Saturday though we did go to a local opportunity to venerate first class relics of St. Damien Molokai and St. Marianne Cope.

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