Sunday, October 22, 2017

October Learning Notes: Week 11

Unfortunately, both I and several of the kids got hit with a cold over the weekend, so the beginning of the week became a question of just getting it done.
Monday Teresa and I did chapter 10 in her religion book about the Annunciation and the coming of the Messiah and how long people waited for a Savior. Cecilia, Felicity and Elizabeth and I went over chapter 9 in Matthew, focused mostly on Jesus' healing. We also tried to begin reading R. B. Mowat's The War of the Roses but the print was ridiculously small and it took me 30 minutes to read 6 pages most of which kept repeating British names and locations. If we were British and I was teaching high school, maybe it would have made sense to continue, but after 30 minutes all the names and titles were blurring together and it seemed to be making things much more complicated than we needed at this point, so we stopped. So on Tuesday we read the chapters on the War of the Roses and the lost prince Edward V and his brother in The Story of the World and left it at that.
On Wednesday we did our first Zoology lesson on insects. Felicity despises all insects so she was not thrilled, but she sat through it. She refused to look through the DK Eyewitness: Insects book, but Cecilia has read it more than once. Regardless it was a good introduction to insects, even if Felicity does struggle with the subject.
On Thursday we went to adoration and had lunch at Chick Fil-A.
 Then we went to a local fire station for a tour and a lesson in fire safety.
 On Friday we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum for a fun outing and to look at their extensive insect collection.
Then we went to Red Robin and celebrated Thomas' 3rd Birthday.

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