Sunday, October 8, 2017

October Learning Notes: Week 9

Monday we did book work in the morning and then went to our Catholic homeschoolers girls meeting. Tuesday, Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth and I read through the 7th chapter of Matthew continuing the Sermon on the Mount. Teresa and I did the 8th lesson in her religion text on the 10 Commandments. She struggled to remember what a commandment was, but she could understand rules to help us love God better. Then the older girls read the DK Eyewitness: Explorer and David Macaulay's Ship. We went over the parts of a ship using a page I found online and then read the last chapters of Twelve Bright Trumpets.
On Wednesday we read from The World's Story, The Story of the World, and Famous Men of the Middle Ages about the beginning of the Renaissance, Prince Henry of Portugal and Johann Gutenberg. Then we read Claude Hurwicz' Henry the Navigator and Lisa Ariganello's Henry the Navigator: Prince of Portuguese Exploration. We also began reading Joann Busch's Fine Print. 
I pulled 16 Cabbage Butterfly caterpillars off our broccoli plants. They did a number on them.  We are still getting tomatoes and the morning glories continue to be beautiful. Our trap plant has survived and there are still carrots and the broccoli, what is left of it.
Thursday began with a trip to the library. We renewed 3 books, returned 39, checked out 44 books and 5 DVDs and requested 5 books and 2 DVDs. It is a good thing I have so many hands to help carry stuff. We finished reading Fine Print and read DK: All About Bats and The Magic School Bus Going Batty.
Teresa lost one front tooth on Wednesday and the second on Thursday. 
 On Friday we read our Zoology lesson all about bats. I thought it was especially interesting. Even I had been grossly misinformed about bats. I thought they used echolocation because they were rather blind. Not only do they have excellent eyesight, but only carnivorous bats use echolocation; fruit bats don't because the fruit don't fly. :) Felicity and Elizabeth still had math to do and they did about 2/3 of what they had left. For the past two weeks, Felicity has begun to HATE Teaching Textbooks. Unlike Saxon, I can't give her the option of only doing half the problems and it has become excessively repetitive.
Watching Paw Patrol in Pajamas and eating PopTarts in a homemade box chair, self-colored
We also roasted our 7 small pumpkins. We wound up with over 6 1/2 pounds of puree. I froze all but what I needed to make some fresh pumpkin bread. My recipe makes 2 loaves but one whole one was gone before we went to bed. 
 Saturday, Elizabeth finished her math and Felicity and I experimented with Teaching Textbooks. We figured out that she could do only some of the problems in each lesson and her grade still reflect how many she got right out of how many she did. So she did only 8 problems but all the ones that reflected that lesson and still got 100%. I told her she would have to do all the problems of the quizzes, but I think we figured out how to cut back on how many of the lesson problems she should do, so hopefully that will help.

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