Friday, January 19, 2018

Disney (3/4)

On Sunday we went to Our Lady, Queen of the Universe Catholic Church, or as we call it Our Lady of the Generous Tourist, for Mass.
 Some aspects of the Church can be quite beautiful like their statue of St. Michael and their nativity.
 Other aspects just leave you wondering...
 I call this one "Touchdown Jesus"
 The "crystal cross". I swear it belongs in an Indiana Jones movie somewhere.
"High Five Jesus!"
 We had lunch at an Irish place and I had to snag a picture of the Mona Lisa drinking Guinness.

Unfortunately, by midday, James was feeling ill, so I took the kids to the Magic Kingdom by myself.
 Cecilia is afraid of heights and Thomas doesn't care for them either, so I took the other four on Dumbo while Cecilia stayed with Thomas.
 Despite single-parenting through the park, in one afternoon we got on 8 rides, though by the end Disney forced me to teach Teresa there were times to just lie. The cast members were absurdly anal that Teresa, not turning 7 until the end of March, had to ride with an adult. There are simply some rides I cannot squeeze Brigid, Thomas, Teresa and myself into a single vehicle. They would even stop the ride to try to do it and they wouldn't let her ride with Cecilia. By the time we got to Buzz Lightyear, the car for which is a 2 seater, I finally just told Felicity to tell the cast member that Teresa was 7. It was ridiculous how anal they were about it and Teresa came back to the hotel room telling daddy and grandpa how mommy told her to lie.
 Monday James was doing better and it was Brigid's birthday, so we all went back to the Magic Kingdom to give her a magical birthday. But before that, my dad took Felicity back over to Hollywood Studios to ride the Rockin' Roller Coaster for the first time. She was determined to get on every thrill ride Disney had.
Brigid, Thomas and Elizabeth each got bubble makers and had a ball blowing them all over the park. 
 Thomas absolutely loved Its a Small World. Even just going through these pictures he pointed it out and said, "I NEED Small World!" It also had a panda for Brigid and, as Thomas said, "my tiger."

 We finally got the oldest 4 on the Haunted Mansion and then had dinner at Be Our Guest.
 Since it was her birthday, they brought Brigid some of the "grey stuff," which was basically icing.
 Brigid wanted to finish her birthday seeing the show at the castle with the fireworks. She loved it!

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