Monday, April 2, 2018

Blessed Easter!!!

 I stayed home with the kids while James went to Holy Thursday Mass. And then he stayed home with the kids while I went to the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday.
On Easter Sunday Morning, we all went to the High Mass and it was beautiful. 
Before Mass, the kids were excited to see their Easter baskets before Mass but were not allowed to eat sugar before Mass.
After Mass we picked up Cheesecake Factory and brought it home for lunch before having our Easter Egg hunt. Cecilia helped hide the eggs this year.
Yes, my kids love their pajamas and are happy to get back into them when we get home, especially when the wind chill outside is 11. They had fun though and spent the afternoon grazing on chocolate and still finding the occasional missed egg.

We had a Blessed Easter Sunday and look forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Savior through the octave. Blessed Easter! He lives! And that changes everything! Alleluia!

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