Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Back Yard I

Before Anastasia was born, I began trying to improve the landscaping in the backyard. I dug a border for the stones around the side of the house and tried to elevate, level and compact the back walk.
Overall, I definitely think it was an improvement. I then went and pulled or sprayed anything growing in the rocks... both grass and weeds had tried to conquer where there had been rocks and before I replenished the rocks, I cleaned out all the greenery and leveled it with a slight slope down away from the house. Then I refilled the rocks.

 I also got the vegetable and fruit garden planted.
 This year we were smarter about it planting in nice neat rows and with clear labels. It has been a lot easier to weed and see where the crops are coming up. After only three weeks, it was doing really well. Other than the occasional huge carrot from last year, the garden is nice, neat and flourishing.
Cecilia's bed has the blueberry bush, grape plant, raspberry bush, garlic (coming up around the fluffy carrot), and strawberry plants. The only one not doing well is the raspberry bush - that one we may have to replace.
Felicity's plot has its bushy carrot from last year, some sprouts of lettuce and quite a few new carrots coming up. The only trouble is the back row of tomatoes that have yet to spring up. If they don't, we may just plant a few tomato plants. 
Elizabeth has two back rows of corn, 3 squash plants, and about 8 or 10 potato plants all doing very well. 
Teresa's has a back row of 4 cucumber plants, a middle row of 3 cherry tomato plants and two front rows of lettuce all doing very well. 
Brigi'd has several carrots from last year doing well as well as 3 or 4 broccoli plants in the middle row up and some sprouted onions in the front. The row of peppers in the back just began to peek through!
Thomas' has one carrot from last year, 3 pumpkin plants and I think one cantaloup plant coming up. I'm not sure if there are any watermelon sprouts yet, but we will keep a look out. 

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