Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Winter - Part I

Just after Cecilia's Birthday, winter decided to show up. It got way below zero. In fact the curtains froze to the sliding door such that it ripped some of the fabric off when I tried to open them.

We threw boiling water and room temperature water. Only the boiling water did anything.

With the significant cold, we've been doing a lot of baking from lasagna to homemade bread to king cakes, to homemade soups and all sorts of recipes.

Cecilia, Felicity, and Elizabeth also took a class at Jo-Ann's learning how to use a sewing machine. Each made their own pillow:

Once the cold got a bit less intense, we took a few field trips including to the Grohmann Art Museum:

And we went on a tour of the local police station and court house:

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