Sunday, June 9, 2019


May was mostly spent trying to finish the school year. Cecilia finished 8th grade, Felicity 6th, Elizabeth 5th, Teresa 2nd, and Brigid 1st. Thomas continued to fly through his reading lessons and kindergarten math book such that he should be ready to begin 1st grade in August.

The girls had their end of the year AHG party, Felicity finished her semester of violin lessons, we finished our gym class, and the oldest 4 finished volleyball practices for the spring. Cecilia and Felicity began their Confirmation classes.

We had two outings, first to the Shalom Wildlife Preserve:

And I took the oldest 3 to the Milwaukee Ballet's performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream:
 It was very nicely done and thoroughly enjoyable!

James was out of town twice for two conferences and with the drive to finish the school year, the month just flew by!

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