Sunday, September 29, 2019


September got off to a somewhat relaxing start since it was our first Catch-Up week. I spent Labor Day and the day after cleaning half our garage floor and repairing all the pitting and spalling of the concrete. We thought about sealing the concrete, but part of the problem is that during the winter the salt and ice, when they melt off the car, don't run towards the garage door but towards the house! So I patched the floor and then put down a car mat that is supposed to help catch any runoff with inflated edging. Here's hoping it works well!
 The older girls volleyball schedule kept us very busy, so I was glad to work in a field trip to the Bookworm Gardens and the Sheboygan Children's Museum during our break.
From there, September became nonstop crazy busy. We kept up with all our school work. Cecilia read selections from Plutarch and Herodotus' Histories and wrote a brief essay on Spartan life while Felicity and Elizabeth read about some of the more well known Native American leaders, read a biography of George Washington Carver, read about the Franco-Prussian War, the advancements of the late 1800s, a book on the Transcontinental Railroad, a book on Samuel Morse and the Telegraph, a biography on Thomas Edison. and how to do Morse code. They enjoyed sending messages to each other using morse code. They also read biographies of St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Damien Molokai, and St. Katharine Drexel.
In addition, the girls had volleyball practice twice a week and 1-2 games per week. I also took Great Courses Photography course and took the portraits for their teams. Unfortunately, the last week of September, Elizabeth was diagnosed with a metatarsal contusion and had to sit out volleyball for the end of the month, but hopefully she'll be back in the game in October.
 Felicity and Elizabeth also began their violin and flute lessons again, this time not private lessons but with a group. So Felicity plays with a string orchestra and absolutely love it and Elizabeth is playing with a band.
Cecilia attended her first Latin Club meeting and absolutely loved it!
Cecilia and Felicity reviewed repeatedly for their upcoming Confirmation.
I learned how to sew a fabric pumpkin and began making homemade flannel ice/heat packs for Felicity sell in November at the Homeschooler Craft Fair.
 Brigid had her class at the zoo (no pictures since she is old enough to attend class without a parent) on hippos, elephants and rhinos. She loved it and brought home a picture painted by an elephant!
I went apple picking.
 Anastasia became enamored with books and is a professional at playing peek-a-boo. She also figured out how to climb chairs, boxes, and ottomans!

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