Saturday, November 2, 2019


October was nonstop busy. Elizabeth took her zoo class on dangerous animals. Cecilia and Felicity were confirmed (separate post). We celebrated Thomas' 5th birthday (separate post). We took a trip to the zoo
and another to the farm.
We finished our volleyball season. Cecilia helped line judge while I tried to watch Felicity and Elizabeth on multiple courts at the same time.
 Elizabeth's team took 6th and Felicity's took 3rd in the 5th/6th Grade Tournament.
In the 7th/8th Grade Tournament, Cecilia's team took first! 
 We went to a cultural fair at James' school. The cannolis were a hit!
We finished October with a local performance of Elephant's and Piggie's: We Are In A Play, candy apples, carved and baked pumpkin, the first snow of the season, and an appetizer Halloween dinner with Beetlejuice.
 It was a very full and busy October. Good, but insanely busy. Oh, and Anastasia learned she can play peek-a-boo with nothing more than her hands.
But by November, we were all pretty wiped out.

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