Thursday, December 12, 2019


I only just realized I never included our trick or treating pictures in October! Doh!
 Felicity and Elizabeth wanted to participate in a Homeschool Craft Fair. Elizabeth baked cupcakes and Felicity sewed pillows, made Perler Bead creations, and baked cookies and cookie sandwiches. I contributed some organic corn hot/cold flannel packs. They had a lot of fun!
And we paid a visit to Christopher's grave to pray for the Poor Souls.
 Then we made a drive east to New Jersey to celebrate my grandmother's 90th Birthday and my grandparents' 70th Anniversary!

Before we returned home, we went to Mass at Mater Ecclesiae
 Felicity counted cars over the last 4 hours of the drive. LOL
We enjoyed homemade chili through the cold weather.
 And we worked on catching up on school work.
 Cecilia met with her Latin Club
 Celebrated the Feast of St. Cecilia with a vanilla wafer and chocolate keyboard
 James and I scored $25 tickets to the Sympthony's performance of Mozart's Requiem.
 We went to the Mass for the Little Innocents and then to Culver's for dessert.
Had a delicious Thanksgiving after watching the parade. 
 And Anastasia discovered the prayers and prayer cards in my nightstand and learned how to say the word ball!
It was a busy November but, by the second half, it began slowing down some, which I really needed. I knew September and October would be insanely busy, and that was okay, but it is important it isn't always that way. :)

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