Saturday, January 11, 2020


December began with decorating the house for Advent and putting up the outside lights. 
 We then began trying to finish the semester so we could go on Christmas break. It was a bit rushed since I was called to jury duty almost mid-month.
 My brother and sister-in-law sent us some Omaha Steaks for Christmas, and the kids had fun with the dry ice.
Felicity discovered she loves cheddar popcorn. 
 We saw the new icon at James' school: Our Lady of Compassion.
 We celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas!
 And Thomas took a zoo class on reindeer!
Thomas said Santa was "hilarious" when he asked to borrow the zoo's 3 reindeer to help pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve
 But Santa won him over by declaring Thomas was on his "nice" list and giving him a mini candy cane.
 Our Parish had its own St. Nicholas Celebration, at which St. Nicholas made me laugh by asking Teresa if she could say, "homoousios?" She asked me what language he was speaking. I told her it was Greek and she asked which word was "hello." God bless her. :)
Anastasia discovered my gloves and tried to wear them on her feet - LOL
I took 4 of the kids to the Nutcracker Ballet. Our seats happened to be next to friends so, between acts there was quite a bit of chatter.
I went to a most beautiful Rorate Mass, which begins before sunrise and is said only by candlelight. So beautiful!
 The kids paired off and made, decorated, and ate gingerbread castles/palaces.
 Our parish continued its restoration with gold decorations above the side altars and a new main front door.
 Teresa got new glasses with a free t-shirt of a glasses-wearing fox. lol.
 We took a drive through a Christmas light display and then visited their model train display and beautiful nativity!
Felicity and Elizabeth each performed at a casual recital.

I have a separate post for Christmas, but I got a new missal cover and a new breviary cover.
And I took a few pictures of our parish all decked out for Christmas. I think the elephant is new this year and Anastasia absolutely loved it!
Over Christmas break I finally put together my birthday present. Anastasia loved it!

 It was a full but fun December!

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