Wednesday, March 11, 2020


We began February recovering from the flu, so once we were better, we wanted to get out and went to the Domes to see the plants and trees and train display, this year focusing on monsters.
We spent most of February trying to catch up on any school work, mostly math, we got behind with when we had the flu.
I took Cecilia, Felicity, and Elizabeth to the touring production of The Lion King.
 Anastasia learned how to "shhhhhh" during Mass, and it was so cute and fun getting her to do it again.
 For Valentine's Day, we went to the JellyBelly Warehouse tour and stocked up on candy.
 We got almost completely all caught up and on schedule by the end of February, but being 9 months pregnant, I slowed down the second half of the month.
She wanted to go outside. Barefoot. In February. 
Felicity and Anastasia singing <3 p="">

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