Tuesday, April 14, 2020


What can I say about March? It was a combination bringing home Emilia, pushing through school work, and quarantine. It was tiring, boring, and stressful all at the same time. But it definitely had some bright spots.
Anastasia took quite a bit to my breviary.
 I finished Emilia's rosary - amethyst for the February baby.
 We celebrated James birthday with Outback Steakhouse to go, cake, and presents. It was amusing watching the kids help him open his presents. "Another book?" "Why didn't you order any DVDs?" "Didn't you order anything besides books?" LOL
 And of course there were lots of newborn snuggles.

And we appropriately celebrated National Panda Day!
 Anastasia completely took to her new role as a big sister and adjusted things accordingly.
 Emilia adjusted to life at home with the usual newborn 16 hours of sleeping with occasional sleep smiles and adorable cuteness.
 Anastasia got more clever.
 And stole my phone for selfies:
 We watched Sunday Mass live streamed from our living room.
 The kids finally got outside for some decent weather. Anastasia was especially thrilled to be outside and could not get out enough.
 We watched the pope's live blessing, which was more beautiful and grace-filled than I had even anticipated.
 Anastasia entertained us with new words and antics.

It was mostly the way I expected the first month with a new baby to go... at home, taking it easy, and doing what was necessary but not much more than that. We also celebrated Teresa's birthday at home, but that will be its own post. Emilia is doing well and Anastasia is adoring her new baby.

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