Tuesday, June 2, 2020


April was a bit frustrating, from not being able to all attend Emilia's baptism to not being able to receive communion and then only go to Mass once, but it had its highlights.

You may say a family rosary, but do you say it as cool as Anastasia does? LOL

 The kids were so happy to get outside more!

 Holy Week Pretzels! Homemade with a beer cheese sauce by James!
 And, of course, Easter!
 Our one parking lot Mass... Cecilia loved sitting on the roof of the car.
Egg Hunt!
 And cute moments with Emilia.
 I also managed to use 2 $150 15 year old gift cards to get some fantastic steaks!

 I got a new baby brush for Emilia and Anastasia liked it so much she fell asleep to me brushing her hair. <3 p="">

 Basically April = Easter + new baby + school work + lockdown. :)

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