Tuesday, June 2, 2020


May seemed like a long month, but not a fruitless one. We began celebrating the Feast of Blessed Emilia with some of those incredible steaks I bought in April. James made the most amazing brandy pepper sauce! And then we celebrated with chocolate chip cookies.

On May 7th, Brigid made her First Confession at our parish's parking lot confessional!

 We hired an electrician to come replace both bathroom fans, which were barely functioning (one sounded like a dying cat!).
 Emilia continued to get bigger and improve her head control.
 We got April's rain a month late and tried to form a 6th great lake in the backyard.
 And it finally felt like spring.

 We finished our school year and began hitting the park with friends.

 Emilia's hair got longer such that when she gets a bath she gets a natural mohawk.
 She is getting up on her elbows now too.

 I bought some shrubs to begin a border hedge. I plan to remove the big bush in the front.
 And we began to rebuild our fruit and veggie garden!
 Anastasia was my helper. :)
 And I took still more pictures of my Emilia.
 I planted two more hydrangeas.

 I split a bleeding heart bush and replanted it in the NE corner of the yard on either side of my rose bush.
 And then I took the extra wood and built a bed for a little garden for the girls to plant succulents.
 I began my project with 653 nails. I had to throw 1 out and had 16 left. So I hammered 636 nails!
 We also fit in another park outing! The pavilion was taped off, but we used it cautiously.
Anastasia REALLY loves her baby sister. :)
And for Pentecost, Anastasia learned how to blow kisses. <3 p="">

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