Sunday, July 5, 2020


June was busy. We began by finally celebrating Teresa's birthday 2 months late at Stone Fire Pizza. 

We had 5 yards of dirt delivered and filled the garden beds.
We planted 7 tomato plants, 3 cucumber, 1 zucchini, 2 bell pepper, 2 jalapeño pepper, 1 raspberry bush, 1 blueberry bush, 2 carrots, about a dozen onions, 2 kinds of squash, and 2 cantaloupe. Our strawberry plants did well and we have baby grapes too!

We celebrated Anastasia's 2nd birthday with Culvers, cake and presents.
While we were still unable to attend Mass, we were able to go to adoration and benediction.
We said our family rosary daily with the usual antics... around princess beds, Thomas climbing and crawling all over the floor, Elizabeth and Brigid screaming the Hail Mary, Teresa refusing to pray if she couldn't lead, etc.
We got our kitchen sink faucet replaced (the old one was so rusty it couldn't swing from one side to the other without spraying water all over the place) as well as a new stove/oven since the old electric one didn't know the difference between a 3 and a 10.
With the extra dirt from the garden beds, I began working on the south side of the house. A large or two large bushes I've hated since we moved here I finally ripped out and began reestablishing the border around the house.
Ironically enough, I then needed more dirt and wound up getting 30 more edging stones and another 2.5 yards of dirt, followed by 30 bags of rocks.
I then got a Sester Dwarf Blue Spruce and two lilac bushes and planted them and then mulched between the border and the hedge.
And then I still had extra dirt leftover enough to fill in the north side of the house and raise the border stones.
We had an intruder in our back yard when a bald-faced hornet tried to start building a nest in one of our pine trees. I sprayed it 3 times before asking James to knock it down and get rid of it. Nasty buggers those hornets.
James asked me to put a border around the garden to make mowing and trimming easier, so I did that too. I think it looks quite nice. Thus ended my landscaping projects for this year. I have 8 or 9 more projects outside I'd like to do but... another year. :)
Emilia got really good with her head control and began getting up on her elbows when on her tummy. She has begun cooing a lot more.
We had a beautiful rainbow and some wonderful summer storms!
And my Galileo thermometer met an untimely end when Teresa and Thomas decided to play "Ice Pack Catch" in the living room. I never realized the liquid inside was kerosene. 😝😭
The new bunk bed arrived. We anticipate Anastasia moving into the bottom bunk later this year and then, eventually, Brigid will move to the upper bunk and Emilia take the other bottom.
And perhaps the happiest event in June, we got to get back to Mass! It was so wonderful to be back!
It was mainly a month of projects, park outings, getting things done around the house, video games, playing, etc. It was well spent, but definitely tiring.

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