About Our Family

Five Daughters: Our daughters are Cecilia Bernadette, Felicity Catherine, Elizabeth Agnes, Teresa Marie and Brigid Lucia. Cecilia turns 9 years old in January. She is working through 4th grade and her favorite subjects are Art, Music, History and Science. Felicity turned seven years old in November and is working through 2nd grade. She is my most diligent student and is preparing to receive her First Holy Communion in the Spring. She is my petite princess in pink but always the dare devil. Elizabeth turned 5 in June and is working through 1st grade. She is our most ticklish child and always smiling. Teresa turned three in March. She is the ultimate trouble-maker but always trouble with a smile and lots of giggles. Brigid will be 2 in January and is sweet sunshine.

One Son: Thomas was born in October and he is much beloved by all his sisters.

One Father: James, my husband, and I met in a Catholic chat room in 1996. We went to college together and married on the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, 2005 (aka New Years Day). He got his B.A. in Philosophy and his M.A. in Theology both from the University of Dallas. He completed his Licentiate of Sacred Theology and his Doctorate in Sacred Theology from Catholic University of America. He teaches at the Sacred Heart School of Theology Seminary. He also does most of the cooking.

One Mother: That would be me, Katherine. I got my B.A. in Philosophy and my M.A. in Theology both from the University of Dallas. I have a wonderful husband and and five beautiful daughters. I have given birth with an epidural twice and naturally four times. I exclusively breastfeed my children until about a year and cosleep in the early months. I stay at home and homeschool. I help support my three eldest girls in their American Heritage Girls troop and lead their Pathfinder unit.

One Domestic Church: We are a family of devout Roman Catholics faithful to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. We practice what we believe daily to the best of our ability and enjoy teaching our children about Jesus, Mary, the Church and the saints. We nourish and are nourished by each other, the Eucharist, God's Grace, and the teachings of our beloved Church.


  1. The first two words " Five daughters" prompted me to read further. We too have five daughters , age ranging from 54 to 37. They are now good wives and good mothers Three are working ( Doctor, engineer and teacher) Other two are wonderful housewives. We have 12 grandchildren ..age ranging from 27 to 6 . All five families are practicing Catholics.Let us pass on our faith to the posterity

  2. What!?!?! James does the cooking? I so need to figure out how to get Mike to do that!!! I hate cooking and am not that good at it. ;)